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  • Nymphaea lotus (Tiger Lotus) in a pot
  • close-up of a Nymphaea lotus (Tiger Lotus) leaf
  • Nymphaea lotus (Tiger Lotus) submersed in an aquarium
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Nymphaea lotus (Tiger Lotus)

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A beautiful and very varied species from West Africa with leaves of green to red-brown and varying numbers of purple spots. Can grow from 20-80 cm tall. Before forming floating leaves Nymphaea lotus (zenkeri) forms many underwater leaves. If you don't want floating leaves, prune the roots and leaves.
The beautiful, aromatic flowers can be fully appreciated in open aquariums. A nutritious bottom encourages growth. Often available in a red and a green variety. Recommended as a solitary plant for large aquariums. 





Country or continent where a plant is the most common. Cultivars arise or are bred in cultivation.

Growth rate


Growth rate of the plant compared to other aquatic plants.


20 - 30+

Average height (cm) of the plant after two months in the tank.

Light demand


The average or medium light demand of an aquarium plant is 0,5 W/L.



A medium need in CO2 is 6-14 mg/L. A high demand in CO2 is approx. 15-25 mg/L.