About us


We are a group of aquascapers who started this company in 2020 to provide high quality AND affordable aquatic plants and aquascaping tools.  We made this brand out of frustration in the lack of reasonably priced, high quality goods that were available in the market. 

"It was like every brand was copying the highest end brand in the market, but was slapping their logo on modified Alibaba goods, and selling it at a premium." - Don Vo, Founder

Our mission and goals

We have a set of goals we'd like to achieve, and we'd like for our customers and supporters to be a part of it. Often, affordability in product means outsourcing manufacturing to countries with poor human labour practices and irresponsible environmental output. We are challenging ourselves to do better by keeping all manufacturing environmentally friendly, sustainable, and 100% Canadian 🇨🇦. We truly believe that happy people and less environmental impact means we can all enjoy this hobby longer.

  • Release Wabi kusa lineup ✅

  • Open downtown Toronto location ☑️

  • Release filter lineup ☑️

Frequently asked questions

Do you ship to the USA or internationally?

We ship everything, except plants and other live goods internationally.

Will you guys ever sell fish or invertebrates?

No, we will never sell fish, invertebrates, or any other form of live goods (besides plants). We are purely focused on plants, hard goods, and aquarium supplies.

Will you guys ever sell anything to do with saltwater tanks?

We will not be carrying anything to do with saltwater tanks for the forseeable future. It is not our field of expertise or focus as an organization.

Do you guys carry aquarium lighting?

We will be carrying aquarium lighting in the near future. Please check in with us later!

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